Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

moebius am sonntag

ich hatte die wahl zwischen etwas mehr "abge-spaced-em" und etwas nacktheit, also habe ich mich, ein bißchen auf die "4 tage"-post schielend, für letzteres entschieden ;-)

diesen sonntag gibt's als bonus noch was vom anderen moebius (dieter) und einen kleinen englischsprachigen rant ... zuerst aber dieter moebius, hier mit roedelius und brian eno, der so schön singen kann

als sonntäglicher kleiner bonus ein kommentar, den ich eben hier in englisch abgegeben habe und in dem ich eine persönliche kleine geschichte erzähle, in der ich mich vor allem aber über die dummheit und indifferenz junger menschen beklage, die hysterisch mit großen worten um sich werfen
OMG ...

reminds me a bit on a situation in southern france almost 3 decades ago, where i took part in a discussion with some very old "maquisades" organized by french antifaschists, where another german declared that refugees (labeled as "asylanten" by CDU politians those days) were held in concentrationcamp lookalikes.

i stood up then and asked the maquisades if they took arms against adolf being "communists" or "antifaschists" ... or simply being "nationalists", defending their family and hometown.

i'll give their answer at the end of my comment ;-)

please, dear german writers, where the hell are you living? not in my country, you must live on another planet.

why merkel wins elections? just because she has given the germans the _impression_ that she's the best socialdemocrat ever being chancelor ... she moved her party as far to the "left", that there's suddenly place for a party like the AFD ...

she didn't move germany to the right ... ask all the stupid whining folks complaining that the whole land has felt in the hands of feminists, genderists, lefty folk that now rule a left/green land.

where the hell are you living with your stupid accusations of a "gleichschaltung"? ever read a book about the NS state? doesn't seem so - don't be as hysterical as you are. you're part of the free-est germany that's ever has been in history. stop whining and complaining that the land isn't (yet) reigned by communism.

well, there's also kinda almost sexual connection between the mainstream media and her, i know and i totally disagree with her european policy as you do, but she is damned right on her russia policy which is well balanced until she lost her onfidence in mr putin being a man you can trust (i think, it was her speak at adelaide, she made that clear).

"gleichschaltung"? where are the dead journalists? complaing that interviews are revied by politicians is _childish_, using words like "zensur" also. ever asked wikipedia, what "zensur" stands for? big words outspoken by mices!


i admit that germany has a never really lost connection to NS-traditions, i call that the "gedankenautobahn" and yes, it is a very subtile one to undertand, why elvis had to sing "muss i denn zum städele hinaus" and the beatles also sang in german, it was made to keep the "negermusik" out of the rassistic folk ... and if you look at freital, with the leftbehind of a communist system, that never had it's "68" to emancipate them from their binds to the government and their ideology ... look in the mirror: your "arguments" are the other side of that same coin: hysterical.

i was raised in the so called "bonner republic" and i don't give a damn on your whinings. i had folks like FJS, filbinger and the likes .. but i also watched for decades one young generation after the other being completely politically indifferent ... but having a big mouth on the only party in this land offering alternatives, the green party ... just to promote the SED/PDS/linke and don't understanding the green project.

you're whinings are soooo "german", almost a bit over the top, hysterical and completely out of the window.

oki, i tell the rest of my "maquis" story. you know the answer. they didn't fight adolf understanding themselves as "commnunists". the told the round, that they did this as _nationalists_ (shock for the antifaschist communists in the room, that wasn't the motto for the evenig) and they where, as i was, shocked by the alliance of the PFC (partie communiste francais) and mr. le pens FN who fought those days together agsinst the maastricht treaties.

idiots! one as the other ... then and now ... because your "querfront" indifference nowadays is just a reflection of the naivity which whom you're looking at polically cleary definied words like "gleichschaltung" or "zensur"

i told those maquisades that they would be befriened with my grandfather, active member of a christian party (CSJ, "vitus heller bewegung") who fought in 1933 against the saarland coming back to the reich and lost that with 9% other voters, almost communists. he then went to a real concentration camp for some time which is well told in "milieus & widerstand" by gerhard paul.

yep, you pseudo socialist heroes, there was also a catholic "widerstand" against hitler, and yep, there's also a tradition of fighting for freedom in party like the CDU.

take your ideological smeered glasses of and balance your words right before accusing _yourself_ - it's your damned land, so fight for it's freedom instead of complaining your faith like little children.

the evening ended them maquisades coming around all tables in the room to my place, taking me in their arms - not the stupido antifaschistas - and we stayed there long embracing each other, having bitter tears in our eyes on the stupidity of young folks who don't understand their history and what they're losing in playing kiddiegames.

sorry for the rant.

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