Sonntag, 16. Januar 2022

Samstag, 15. Januar 2022

ich vergaß zu erwähnen ...

neu in der familie … als geschenk einer entzückenden freundin mit geschmack


Silver Needle – Yin Zhen

Traditional Fujian style – savory flavors of apricot & honeysuckle Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with an exacting skill in handling and processing.

In its pure form and most traditional form, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made of tender spring buds from a varietal cultivated in Fujian Province. We returned to Zhenghe County once again to procure this year’s lot. This area is famous and recognized for producing some of the finest of China’s white teas. Plucked in the second week of April, the buds are a light yellow-green color and covered with tender, downy hair giving them a traditional velvety appearance. The buds are simply withered and carefully dried.  The liquor is delicate and sweet with a savory mouth feel. The first lots are picked late in March into April and only with ideal weather conditions. It takes a skilled „pluck“ to harvest these buds and thousands are needed to create a single kilogram of tea. The result is in the cup – there is simply no comparable tea. 

so ist das – ein kleines wunder. schändlicherweise gestern in einer riesen-tasse und mit tee-ei mißachtet, aber hey, das nächste mal nehme ich lieber mein besteck, kännchen und klitzekleine tee-tassen mit. 

man muss einfach auf nummer sicher gehen mit so was 😉

Samstag, 1. Januar 2022